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I'll Be Inactive in BFC and GOT Indefinitely

King Mika Jul 31, 2020
The circle spins again. I'll be inactive in both Big Fish Casino and Game of Thrones Slots Casino indefinitely due to my ongoing bad luck with these casinos. I've lost approximately $82 million coins In Big Fish Casino over the course of just three high bet…
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2020 Casino Purchase Battle: One Surprising Outcome

King Mika Jul 26, 2020
3 winners. 3 losers. I haven't been active in online casinos for months, so now's the perfect time for me to host my first "Casino Purchase Battle." The rules for this battle is simple: I make huge bets for 20 minutes. If I take a loss in a casino -- they…
game of thrones slots casino direwolves major jackpot 352 million

My First Group Jackpot in GoTs Slots Casino

King Mika Apr 21, 2020
You know when happened next. I won a Major Jackpot of $352 million while I was playing the Direwolves machine in Game of Thrones Slots Casino! This is the first time I've won a group jackpot in this casino. This is also the first time I've reached $2.2…
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Dynamic Chart Listing My Participation in Each Casino

King Mika Apr 20, 2020
This chart was last updated on July 27, 2020. Sitting in the Casino Throne is Winning Slots. This is a dynamic chart listing my participation in each casino that I'm a user of. The purpose of this chart is to keep track of the limit that I've set for my…
game of thrones slots casino the vale of arryn 2 billion win 01

My Largest Win in Game of Thrones Slots Casino

King Mika Apr 12, 2020
I should keep a low profile after this win. I scored a Colossal Win in Game of Thrones Slots Casino's The Vale of Arryn machine while I was making a massive $5 million bet! I never thought I'd score Petyr Baelish's symbol with the Moon Door Bonus Wheel!…
game of thrones slots casino dragon glass ii divisional mvp 3 10 2020

Back-To-Back MVP Wins in GOT's Slots Casino

King Mika Mar 11, 2020
Loosing is coming. I've managed to win MVP honors for the second week in a row and the third time overall in Game of Thrones Slots Casino. This time it's for their Dragon Glass II division. My prize was $1,530,000 coins and an "MVP" badge for the week. This…
cash frenzy casino elite status 1

I Almost Went Broke to Become Elite

King Mika Mar 10, 2020
It was worth it. I experienced a catastrophic loss of approximately $170 billion in Cash Frenzy Casino during my quest to reach Elite stats. To put things into perspective, $19.5 billion coins is currently on sale for $49.99 for my new status. The loss was…
game of thrones slots casino dragon glass i divisional mvp 3 3 2020

GOT Dragon Glass Division I MVP of the Week

King Mika Mar 09, 2020
Should I aim to be the MVP for two weeks in a row? I've won MVP honors for the second time in Game of Thrones Slots Casino. This time it's for their Dragon Glass I division. My prize was $1.2 million coins and an "MVP" badge for the week. This is in addition…
big fish casino reel rivals high roller pool diamond fire 6998400 prize

My First BFC High Roller' Pool Prize

King Mika Mar 03, 2020
1-3. I finally scored a Mini Jackpot in Big Fish Casino's Reel Rivals High Roller' Pool! The mega win occurred in their Diamond Fire machine. Thanks to this win, I placed in 98th place with 182,956,000 points. My prize was $6,998,400 chips. That's pretty cool…
cash frenzy casino fortune genie genie wheel bonus 1

Fortune Genie Granted Me Three Wishes

King Mika Mar 02, 2020
With a catch. Cash Frenzy Casino launched their latest machine today called "Fortune Genie" which features the following bonus rounds: 1. Pick Bonus; 2. Genie Wheel Bonus; and 3. Genie Map Challenge. Check out how many spins it took me to score either the…
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Yet Another Landslide Loss in Infinity Slots

King Mika Feb 24, 2020
New status: Inactive. I experienced a landslide loss of 6.7 billion coins in Infinity Slots this past weekend due to scarce bonus rounds that was low paying; to put things into perspective, $4.8 billion coins is currently on sale for $49.99 for my status. Due…
2020 topps series 1 baseball retail hanger box
Trading Card Showcase

2020 Topps Series 1 Baseball Hanger Box Break

King Mika Feb 18, 2020
Featuring a Yordan Alvarez RC! It seems like it has been years since I've purchased a sports trading card product close to its launch. The reason why I've been casually posting breaks is because I've been focusing on drastically reducing my trading card…
caesars casino clover isle deluxe emerald respins super jackpot 12 billion

My First Super Jackpot in Clover Isle Deluxe

King Mika Feb 14, 2020
A new personal record. I scored my first Super Jackpot in Caesars Casino's Clover Isle Deluxe machine the other day, as seen in the image showcased below: That jackpot alone added $10 billion coins to my account, while the remaining cash symbols added an…
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Trying My Luck in a High Roller Tournament

King Mika Feb 06, 2020
0-3. I paid $4,725,000 chips to enter Big Fish Casino's Reel Rivals High Roller tournament today which had a prize pool of $2,647,890,000. Ultimately, I placed 1,293rd with only 20,980,000 points. Prizes were awarded to the top 427 players. From what I can…
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Describe A Movie Badly 2019 Edition: Avengers Goes After a Farmer

King Mika Feb 03, 2020
Old Thanos had a farm.Ee i ee i o.And on his farm he had some stones.Ee i ee i oh. Year after year the movie industry rejects my application to write descriptions. I don't understand why I'm rejected? People tells me I come up with the best descriptions such…

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