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mj holding company fast break basketball trading cards box 01
Trading Card Showcase

MJ Holding Company Fast Break Basketball Box Break

King Mika Jun 23, 2017
One of the MJ Holding Company's best products. I purchased one MJ Holding Company Fast Break Basketball Trading Cards box for $12.46. That product includes three guaranteed hobby packs. Two of those packs will be jumbo packs. Packs 2013-14 Panini Prestige…
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Pokemon TCG XY Breakpoint is Out of Print

King Mika Jun 20, 2017
Until further notice. It was revealed by Derium's Pokemon the English Pokemon Trading Card Game XY Breakpoint set is now out of print. That set was released on February 3, 2016. I'm not surprised The Pokemon Company pulled the plug on that set after just 16…
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2016-17 Upper Deck SPX Hockey Added to e-Pack

King Mika Jun 14, 2017
Is it worth the gamble? Digital hobby boxes of 2016-17 Upper Deck SPX Hockey was added to the e-Pack store today. The prices for that product are as follows: 1 pack (1 card) - $24.99. 1 box (4 packs) - $94.99. 1 case (10 boxes) - $939.99. Every pack contains…
fairfield 2 pokemon packs 40 sleeves 01
Trading Card Showcase

FairField 2 Pokemon Packs Plus 40 Sleeves Blister Pack Break

King Mika Jun 14, 2017
Flashfire bait. I purchased this FairField blister pack that includes 2 Pokemon Trading Card Game packs, and 40 sleeves for $9.99. That's a pretty sweet blister considering weighed XY Flashfire packs are currently selling for $8. The total online market value…
metroid samus returns 01

Pre-Order Metroid: Samus Returns to Save 20 Percent

King Mika Jun 14, 2017
Find out how you can lock in that discount. are accepting pre-orders for the Nintendo 3DS version of Metroid: Samus Returns. The game will be released on September 15, 2017. Tip: Amazon Prime Members will receive a discount of 20 percent off the…
Trading Card Showcase

2014 Topps Series 2 Baseball Retail Value Pack Break

King Mika Jun 05, 2017
I'm hoping to pull 7 fewer cards. I purchased this retail value pack of 2014 Topps Series 2 Baseball for $1.18 which contains 36 cards. That's an extreme value of over 76 percent off the original MSRP of $4.99. Base Cards 343 - Nate Freiman 352 - Ryan Wheeler…
2017 pokemon trading card game tapu koko pin collection

Pokemon TCG Tapu Koko Pin Collection on Sale

King Mika Jun 05, 2017
Sale Surge. The Pokemon Trading Card Game Tapu Koko Pin Collection is currently on sale for $13.53 on That product normally costs $15.99 in stores, and includes the following items: 1 Tapu Koko Promo card. 1 Tapu Koko pin. 3 booster packs (1x XY…
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A Component in my PC Almost Always Fails in the Spring

King Mika Jun 04, 2017
Never in the summer. A component in my computer almost always fails in the spring: in 2014 my primary hard drive (HD) failed; in 2016 my graphics card (GPU) failed; and this year my power supply (PSU) failed. That's weird considering spring is the third warmest…
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Error Roaring Skies & Guardians Rising Packs Missing Rare Card

King Mika Jun 03, 2017
Buyer Bewear. The Pokemon Company International have released error English single booster pack blisters that are missing a Rare card. In place of that card is an Uncommon Trainer card, as seen in the videos below: Error XY Roaring Skies Booster Packs Error…
2015 panini black friday tools of the trade towels mil6 marcus mariota
Trading Card Showcase

2015 Panini Black Friday Tools of the Trade MIL6 Marcus Mariota

King Mika Jun 01, 2017
This is potentially your only opportunity to purchase this trading card for less than $4! Showcase Series: 2015 Panini Black Friday. Set: Tools of the Trade. Card: MIL6 Marcus Mariota. Condition: Near-Mint to Mint. Images: Notes The photography features…
2017 pokemon trading card game tapu koko gx island guardians tin
Trading Card Showcase

2017 Pokemon TCG Tapu Koko GX Island Guardians Tin Break

King Mika May 21, 2017
75 percent of my packs has a decent card. I purchased one 2017 Pokemon Trading Card Game Tapu Koko GX Island Guardians Tin for about $20. Its contents are as follows: 1x Tapu Koko GX Promo card. 4x Pokemon TCG booster packs. 1x Online code card. I normally…
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2016 Upper Deck Alien Anthology e-Pack Sale

King Mika May 18, 2017
BOGO. Upper Deck are having a "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" special on all 2016 Upper Deck Alien Anthology products on e-Pack. The current prices are listed below: Pack: $5.99. Box: $114.99. Case: $1,349.99. The special is for this weekend only, or while supplies last.
2014 panini national treasures baseball timeline signature materials team cities 19 hisashi iwakuma
Trading Card Showcase

2014 National Treasures Timeline Signature Materials Team 19 Hisashi Iwakuma

King Mika May 12, 2017
Featuring memorabilia from a historical game. Showcase Series: 2014 Panini National Treasures Baseball. Set: Timeline Signature Materials Team Cities. Card: 19 Hisashi Iwakuma. Serial Numbered: 2/5. Condition: Near Mint-Mint. Images: Notes I graded the card…
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Pokemon Guardians Rising 166 Double Colorless Energy Market Value

King Mika May 07, 2017
Pre-release sales vs. launch day sales. The English version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game Sun & Moon Guardians Rising set was released to the public yesterday (May 5, 2017). The most sought after card from that set is the Secret Rare 166/145 Double…
the grossery gang series 2 yuck bar 01
Figure Showcase

The Grossery Gang Series 2 Yuck Bar Break

King Mika May 02, 2017
Best before 1985. I purchased this The Grossery Gang Series 2 Yuck Bar for about $3. The new set comes in a chocolate bar with squares, and includes two mystery figures. Common Figure 2-075 Sloppy Toffee Apple Cool. That's one of my most wanted Common…

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