Let it rip!

I acquired this pack of Beyblade: Metal Fusion Dog Tags and Rifit Power Discs for only $0.37 as part of a repack box.

2012 beyblade metal fusion dog tags and rifit power discs pack

I believe those packs retailed for $3.99 when it was released in 2012, making my purchase 91 percent off the original price.

The only parallel in that set is foil dog tags. No approximate odds is listed on the package.

Rifit Power Discs

  • 1 - BR1 Gingka and BR2 Kyoya

2012 beyblade metal fusion rifit 1 gingka kyoya

Kyoya Tategami is the second greatest rival to Gingka Hagane who is the "No. 1 Blader in the World."

Dog Tag

  • 16 - Kumasuke

2012 beyblade metal fusion dog tag 16 kumasuke

Kumasuke Kumade is semi-recurring character in the metal saga. He's the oldest of his brothers who's stubborn and hot headed.

Notes: This is the first dog tag break on this website. The repack box that I acquired has two more dog tag packs.