A 41 percent markup is way too much.

I understand everyone needs to earn money to survive... but to make a huge profit on shipping and handling charges is unethical.

One power seller is charging $4.99 to ship one Blu-ray item via USPS First Class Mail. They charge $1.99 for each additional Blu-ray item that you purchase in the same transaction.

As a comparison, I recently mailed out one 3-disc Blu-ray item for $2.97 (including supplies) via USPS First Class Mail. If I added a second 3-disc Blu-ray item to the package, it would have cost $3.87 to ship.

That seller is charging approximately 41 percent more to ship out one Blu-ray item, and 45 percent more to ship out two Blu-ray items. That's a huge difference!

It's worth noting they receive discounts on fees. I don't...

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