It was an action packed few minutes.

I set a new personal Daily Bonus record of $376,372,500 in Infinity Slots thanks to a white wedge, 3x multiplier and status boost.

infinity slots daily bonus 376 million
Than I scored a nice $116,508,000 win for my general game bonus.

infinity slots game bonus 116 million

Finally, I won a Major, Minor and Mini jackpot in the Vegas Lightning machine with a total win of $324,825,000 while I was betting only $5 million!

infinity slots vegas lightning major minor mini jackpot 324 million win

My total earnings for this short playtime was $817,705,500. These are epic wins considering they're currently charging my status $99.99 for $52 million coins.

Disclaimer: As of this writing I'm not affiliated or sponsored by Infinity Slots. My estimated experience does not represent what you may experience in this game.