I don't know what's going on.

My visit to the store on New Year's Eve was quite interesting. Someone dressed in a red robe started chanting, "¡Gloria a las Plagas! ¡Gloria a las Plagas!" Everyone without an N95 were coughing.

The person next to me said "no puede ser, ¡¿pensé que la pandemia había terminado?! She looked flabbergasted.

Meanwhile, a customer ran out of the store yelling "protege nuestras almas ante este débil que pretende destruirnos."

I didn't anticipate a quick trip to the store to purchase an umbrella would be chaotic.

Meanwhile, the raccoons were going crazy in the city due to the explosions from the fireworks. Was this just a preview of what's to come in 2024?

I texted my Fahween to ask him if people were acting the same way in his coffee shop, and he replied by saying that everyone without an N95 mask left his shop as soon as they heard bells ringing. It's as if they were sheep leaving to attend a massive Bingo event.