Is my 3DS XL a goner?nintendo-3ds-xl-01

My Nintendo 3DS XL was updated to version 8.1.0-18U today, and shortly after that update my notification LED light flashed red -- despite my battery being fully charged.

Normally, the notification LED only light turns red when the battery power is low.

"If the LED is not functioning as intended, the system may need to be repaired," Nintendo mentioned on their support website.[1]

Either my 3DS needs to be repaired, or there's a bug in the latest patch; whatever the case, my 3DS XL is under warranty until June 1, 2015, and I have a backup 3DS... so I have nothing to worry about.

Image credit: Nintendo


  1. "A System LED Is Not Functioning as Expected." Nintendo. Retrieved July 25, 2014

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