Japan gets a Moonblast Jirachi; North America gets a standard Heracross/Pinsir.

The Pokemon Company released today "a super-tough Heracross," and "a super-tough Pinsir" via a North American Internet event. You can read the full details about that event here.

Showcased in the chart below is the Natures and IVs of the Pokemon that I acquired in that event:


Ability Nature IVs
Heracross 1 Guts Adamant 6-26-26-31-8-12
Heracross 2 Swarm Adamant 12-20-28-24-24-22
Pinsir Hyper Cutter Adamant 10-0-8-31-14-24

heracross-01It would have been cool to acquire an event Heracross and Pinsir that's solid enough to use competitively, but I ended up with duds:

  • My first Heracross is too slow and lacks Special Defense.

  • My second Heracross has decent IVs -- but it has a useless ability.

  • My Pinsir has the worst possible Attack IV.

Question: Did you receive a solid Heracross and/or Pinsir from that event?

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