How low will it go (no pun intended)?2022 pokemon tcg go ultra rare alternate art 074 conkeldurr v

The market value for 2022 Pokemon Trading Card Game GO Ultra Rare Alternate Art 074/078 Conkeldurr V card has dipped below the $10 mark on TCGPlayer for the first time since this set launched on July 1. It's currently selling for an average price of $9.45.

This is a devastating but expected drop considering this card was selling for a mere $15.23 on launch day. This is a drop of approximately 38 percent in less than two weeks.

Conkeldurr isn't a popular Pokemon, but a hard to pull Alternate Art of any Pokemon shouldn't be selling for less than the price of three packs.

252/264 Sandaconda V from 2021 Fusion Strike is the only other Sword and Shield era Alternate Art card that dipped below the $10 market value mark on TCGPlayer. The market value for this card as of this writing is $5.23.

It's not clear if 074/078 Conkeldurr V will drop down to $5.23 like 252/264 Sandaconda V. We will find out in the coming months ahead.