It pays to do your research.
No pun intended.

A seller who can't comprehend the absolute basics of running a business on an auction platform has lost their gamble to make more money. Here's a timeline of their business strategy:

  1. Purchased a shipping label to pretend the lot they sold was shipped out.
  2. Relisted the lot they "shipped out" on the same day.
  3. Purchased a second shipping label after the buyer opened an item not received case to delay the case.

What's ironic is they ultimately received less money from their second buyer, and they received negative feedback from the first buyer; to top that off, they lost the money for the two shipping labels because most mail carriers doesn't allow us to void a shipping label after a certain amount of days.

This seller was lucky bids went as high as it did to begin with.They obviously didn't research the market value for their items, and didn't read the terms and conditions for the platform they're selling on.

Weeks later their second buyer has yet to leave feedback. I'll update this article if they attempted to scam their second buyer.

What's hilarious is they have a 2022 Pokemon Trading Card Game Sword & Shield Astral Radiance card listed for the highest price on this platform. It's listed for ten times its market value.