An improvement after a sharp drop.

The market value for the 2023 Scarlet & Violet Paradox Rift Special Illustration Rare 251/182 Roaring Moon ex trading card started strong on December 1 with a near high of $110.98, which was unexpected considering Walmart was selling booster packs for only $3.74 throughout November.

Its value constantly dropped to an all-time low of $76.53 on December 25, a 31.04 percent decrease over just 25 days.

Although its value increased to $88.12 on December 29, this doesn't imply its value will continue to improve because sellers list fewer items close to Christmas Day, leading to a massive dump of trading cards shortly after New Year's Day.

All eyes are on this card because it's the most valuable card in Paradox Rift. If the value continues to drop, collector's will become less interested in purchasing this product, which is what happened with the base Scarlet & Violet set.


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