Here's why.

Nintendo's free-to-play mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp launched two optional monthly subscription plans dubbed "Pocket Camp Club."

With the "Happy Helper Plan," players can appoint an animal as their camp caretaker to fulfill requests, and gather items needed for events. This plan costs $2.99 per month and comes with 60 Leaf Tickets. A free trial is available.

The "Happy Helper Plan" is ridiculous. Why would I pay money for this easy to complete game to play itself?

Meanwhile, the "Cookie and Depot Plan" gives players access to a member's only Cookie Shop which includes cookies that are out of stock. You can choose any five Fortune Cookies each month in this shop. Players will also receive unlimited storage space. This plan costs $7.99 per month.

Considering you can purchase four Fortune Cookies for $7.99, the "Cookie and Depot Plan" doesn't offer much value because those items are still overpriced, and storage space has never been an issue for me.

In addition to those exclusive benefits, both plans includes access to a members-only Pocket Camp Club Journal (previews and ideas) each month, and receive shortened crafting times (has never been an issue for me).

Question: What do you think of these plans?