Sun's out. I'm running out of content on Netflix to watch, but at least there's a murder case worth watching.

During the month of July 2014, I watched 2,531 minutes (42 hours and 11 minutes) of movies and shows via Netflix's streaming service. I came to a conclusion those streams had a total value of $21.24. Let's find out if I made use of my Netflix subscription during the month of August 2014.

To estimate the value of each stream, I divided the cost of the physical version (Blu-ray or DVD) of each movie or show by the estimated amount of times I would watch that release in the next 20 years.

Estimated Runtime
Value of Stream
Ghostbusters 105 minutes $1.00
Ghostbusters II 108 minutes $1.00
The Killing: Season 4 344 minutes $10.00*

I estimated that the total value of the movies and shows that I watched on Netflix in August 2014 was $12.00, which is 57 percent down from the previous month. Here's a breakdown of that value:

  • The movies that I watched had a total value of $2.00.

  • The total runtime of the movies that I watched is 213 minutes (3 hours 33 minutes).

  • The show that I watched had a total value of $10.00.

  • The total runtime of the show that I watched is 344 minutes (5 hours 44 minutes).

  • I paid approximately $1.39 for each hour of programming.

If it weren't for the fourth season of The Killing -- I would have lost money with my Netflix subscription in August 2014.

*Based on the expected MSRP of $19.99 for the upcoming DVD set.

Image credit: Netflix