These questions and more are answered.

The English release of 2022 Pokemon Trading Card Game Sword & Shield GO has attracted people who's not familiar with the hobby, so I've compiled a list of the most popular questions to help them out.

Questions: Where can I purchase single booster packs and booster boxes?

Answer: The Pokémon Company International won't release single booster packs and booster boxes of this series like they normally do for their standard releases. If you find single packs for sale these packs was taken from specifically-branded merchandise, and could have been potentially weighed to search for the Ultra Rare cards.

Question: Is every card peelable?

Answer: No. Only the following cards with a Ditto graphic on the bottom left of the card is peelable:

  • Common Reverse Holo 006/078 Spinarak.
  • Common Reverse Holo 013/078 Numel.
  • Common Reverse Holo 059/078 Bidoof

Question: I see people pulling good stuff from their packs. Will I also have similar pulls?

Answer: No. The Pokémon Company International didn't announce any guarantees for their GO packs.

Question: Can "Promo" cards be pulled from packs?

Answer: No. You can't pull Promo cards from a booster pack.

Question: Does TCG GO packs include codes for the Pokemon GO app on iPhone and Android?

Answer: No. The codes that's included in TCG GO packs is for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Live app.