Ends speculation the Switch isn't powerful enough to use that engine.frost branch 01

Reggie Fils-Aime, president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America has stated that Electronic Art's (EA's) Frostbite engine is compatible with the Nintendo Switch console.

"The second thing that developers need is they need a strong development environment, whether it's for their own development engines, like Frostbite for EA, or for those developers that are using development tools like Unity or Unreal engine. And those are all supported by Nintendo Switch," Fils-Aime stated.[1]

Two things was confirmed: 1. Frostbite is compatible with the Switch; 2. EA was too lazy to utilize Frostbite for the Switch version of FIFA 18.

It was previously speculated the Switch isn't powerful enough to use Frostbite, but according to Nintendo, that's not the case...


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