Suggests installment could go down as the poorest selling core "Far Cry" title.far cry primal 02

Steam Spy has estimated that 107,523 people purchased the Microsoft Windows PC version of Far Cry Primal on Steam in its first week of sales (February 29 to March 6, 2016).

53,627 of those users either pre-ordered or purchased that title when it was released on February 29, 2016.

As a comparison, Steam Spy estimated that 2,722,835 Steam users purchased Far Cry 3, and 640,830 users purchased Far Cry 4. Again, those estimates excludes Uplay sales.

Ubisosft has yet to reveal how well Far Cry Primal fared in their Uplay store; regardless, sales aren't off to a good start on Steam. I wouldn't be surprised if sales for that title fails to reach the 400,000 mark on Steam...

Image credit: Ubisoft


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