That's the price to pay for installing cheap piece of s*** components...

The Blu-ray lens in my PS3 Slim console stopped working and I was told that it would cost $150 to repair that issue. That's a ridiculous amount of money considering I could purchase a brand new 500 GB PS3 Super Slim with a controller for $70 more.

I figured that I'd attempt to repair that issue myself by purchasing a new PS3 replacement deck for $30. That sounds like a great plan, right? Wrong!

My replacement deck failed to read both Blu-ray and DVD discs, and a few minutes later -- smoke came out of my PS3!

I reinstalled my original deck and my PS3 read DVD discs with no smoke after 20 minutes of use, but I would be stupid to continue using that console.

I ordered a new 500 GB PS3 Super Slim on for $219.99 ($213.40 after a $6.59 cash back reward). That's a fantastic deal considering that console normally costs $249.99 plus tax in stores.

I'm hoping that my PS3 Slim doesn't burn when I transfer my data from that console to my new PS3 Super Slim. I'll keep you posted...

March 18, 2015 Update: No smoke came out of my old PS3 Slim while it was transfering data to my new PS3 Super Slim for 3 hours.

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