My first solid Celestial Storm break.

I finally found a 2018 Pokemon Trading Card Game Sun & Moon Celestial Storm 1 Pack Tapu Fini Promo Blister. I paid $4.93 for that item that contains the following four items:

  • 1 Celestial Storm booster pack.

  • 1 promo card.

  • 1 coin.

  • 1 online code card.

I forgot to take a photo of that product before I opened it... anyway, let's take a look at the Reverse Holo and better cards that I pulled.

Promo Card

  • SM92 Tapu Fini.

2018 pokemon tcg sun moon promo sm92 tapu fini

That card ha no damage from the promo holder (win); but it has a nasty scratch on the front (lose).

Booster Pack

  • 2017 Sun & Moon Water Energy.
  • Common 7 Treecko.

  • Common 11 Seedot.

  • Common 47 Voltorb.

  • Common 84 Alolan Rattata.

  • Common 92 Beldum.

  • Uncommon 43 Gorebyss.

  • Uncommon 138 Lure Ball.

  • Uncommon 151 Rainbow Energy.

  • Rare Reverse Holo 46 Kyogre.

2018 pokemon tcg sun moon celestial storm rare reverse holo 46 kyogre

One of my most wanted cards from this set. Kyogre is in a rock war with Groudon.

  • Rare Holo 67 Deoxys.

2018 pokemon tcg sun moon celestial storm rare holo 67 deoxys

Sweet. That's my most wanted Rare Holo in this set!

This is the first solid Celestial Storm product that I've ever opened... I couldn't find the 1 pack blister featuring Tapu Bulu, so I'll just cover a booster box next.