I'm getting tired of people charging $4.99 for shipping and handling only to ship my massive order of trading cards in a plain white envelope with one Forever Stamp. This is a violation of USPS policies which states the following:[1]

  • The maximum thickness for letters is 1/4" thick.
  • Letters exceeding 1 ounce requires additional postage.
  • The maximum weight for letter-size pieces is 3.5 ounces.
  • Non-machinable items, including envelopes that are lumpy or rigid, or have clasps, string, or buttons requires a Non-Machinable Stamp in place of a Forever Stamp.

In my most extreme experiences: a dingbat had sent me over fifty cards in one envelope that was over an inch thick with one Forever Stamp; and if you think this is bad, another dingbat had sent my order of around forty cards in four envelopes with one Forever Stamp. I needed to pay a surcharge of about $4 for each of these violations.

In almost all of these cases some of my "Near Mint" cards ended up being damaged. Imagine paying the market value for a card only to receive it as damaged. This is a shame considering it's getting harder to find "Near Mint" cards due to quality control issues.

It's sellers like this who drives new collectors away from the hobby, because they assume other sellers are the same. I personally document these dingbats in my blacklist and move on to other sellers.


  1. "How to Send a Letter or Postcard: Domestic." Retrieved May 24, 2023.