Only time will tell.

MetaZoo creator Mike Waddell announced on the MetaZoo Discord his game has been shut down effective immediately due to "logistical and product gridlocks." What's odd is this announcement was quickly taken down leading me to believe the shutdown was short-lived.

This card game has faced numerous allegations since it was officially released on June 30, 2021, and an unexpected shutdown in early 2024 has only added to the toxic opinions from spectators (some of which obviously has a conflict of interest) who claimed that mostly investors were purchasing this product.

I wasn't expecting MetaZoo to shut down this year because the company announced a solid plan to fix a number of issues.

MetaZoo was up against powerful intellectual properties that have been around for decades such as Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon Trading Card game, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. Its competition heated up even further when One Piece Card Game and Disney Lorcana entered the battlefield.

Despite this competition, the card game was in a unique position to weather out the rising costs of licenses because it utilized mostly public domain creatures. Jumping the shark by including copyrighted characters is in my opinion the number one reason why this card game failed.

If sales for this card game are stable over the next few months -- this will debunk whether investors were mostly purchasing this product, right? I'm not expecting to find out if MetaZoo will continue with a new owner until raw sales data is released in the spring.