New year. Same back luck.

I've tried my first high bet run in Game of Thrones Slots Casino in 2021, and it was a complete disaster.

This time around I've lost $240 million coins which has a store value of approximately $140.32 for my status as of this writing.

I didn't score a single bonus round in their Rule the Realm, The Iron Throne, Battle of the Blackwater and The Vale of Arryn machines.

If I can't regain these coins over the next 4 weeks -- I will place this casino on my purchase ban list for the rest of 2021.

Last year, I lost approximately $400 million in July, $50.5 million at the beginning of August, and $166 million towards the end of August.

Disclaimer: As of this writing I'm not affiliated or sponsored by Game of Thrones Slots Casino. My estimated experience does not represent what you may experience in this game.

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