Diancie vs. Beast Energy.

The English version of the 2018 Pokemon Trading Card Game Sun & Moon Forbidden Light (links to related products on Amazon) set features five new Prism Star cards. As expected, most of those cards aren't worth much, as seen in the chart below:


Average Sale Price* Sales Rank

31 Volcanion

$1.25 5

74 Diancie

$3.65 1

96 Arceus

$1.77 3

110 Lysandre

$1.26 4

 117 Beast Energy

$3.57 2

Diancie topped Beast Energy by a mere 8 cents. The former is the most valuable Prism Star card because its Princess's Cheers Ability boosts Fightying-type attacks by 20 Damage if it's on your Bench. It's Diamond Rain move is also useful because it heals 30 Damage from each of your Benched Pokemon.

2018 pokemon tcg sun moon forbidden light 74 diancie

*Based on the last 10 sales on a popular auction website. Excludes shipping and handling charges.

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