Was horrible for my favorite Poketubers.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Shiny Zygarde GX Box (links to the product page on Amazon) which contains 4 booster packs was released on June 1, 2018 with a MSRP of $19.99.

Although that product comes with random pull rates, I find it informative to gather statistical data from PokeTubers, because some products has horrible pull rates overall. Here's what a few Poketubers pulled from their boxes:

Pull Rates From 4 Packs

Laughing Pikachu

  • 1x Rare Holo.

  • 1x Ultra Rare.

  • 1x Ultra Rare Full Art.

  • 1x Rare Reverse Holo.

  • 1x Rare Holo.

Primetime Pokemon
  • 1x Rare Holo.

  • 1x Rare Holo Prism Star.

The Pokémon Evolutionaries
  • 1x Rare Reverse Holo.

  • 2x Rare Holo.


Best box: Laughing Pikachu had by far the best box. She pulled a 2015 XY BREAKthrough Ultra Rare 21 Houndoom EX, and a 2018 Sun & Moon Ultra Prism Ultra Rare Full Art 146 Dialga GX, as seen below:

Question: What did you pull from your box?

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