Awesome price. Awesome pull. Disappointing details.

I found a Value Pack of 2012 Bowman Chrome Baseball for only $5.45! In that value pack is 3 retail packs, and 1 retail-only Green Refractor pack. Each of those packs includes 3 cards.


Pack 1

Base Cards

  • 189 - Will Middlebrooks [RC]


Insert Cards

  • BCP197 - Miguel Chalas


  • Blue Refractor 214 - Bryce Harper [RC]  (serial # 62/250 | retail Blue Refractor odds 1:73)



Wow! I pulled an epic hit in my first pack! Unfortunately for me -- the card has dozens of straight scratches (you can't see it in the scan) on the front and back of the card! I like how Topps didn't bother to quality check their star players cards...

Just for the record, that card wasn't damaged by a pack searcher because: 1. the scratches are ruler straight; 2. the packs are about as crisp as it gets; 3. the rest of the cards in the pack are mint.

Pack 2

Base Cards

  • 1 - Roy Halladay

Insert Cards

  • BCP204 - Matt Hoffman


  • FAS-WW - David Wright & Zack Wheeler (retail FAS odds 1:12)


Pack 3

Base Cards

  • 122 - Paul Konerko

  • 201 - Cliff Lee

Insert Cards

  • BCP111 - Rob Rasmussen


Green Refractor Pack

Insert Cards

  • Green Refractor 95 - Ubaldo Jimenez


  • Green Refractor 164 - Max Scherzer


  • Green Refractor BCP134 - Daniel Santana


That Harper rookie card has been selling for anywhere between $80-$90! I've never been so disappointed with a value pack break!

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