Included a River Throw Net and Fertilizer.animal crossing pocket camp gold gift balloon 01

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been offering surprise red and gold gift balloons since the mid-February 2018 update.

Red gift balloons includes random common items (fish, bugs and fruit), while gold gift balloons includes random common, uncommon (crafting materials) and rare items (throw net, honey and fertilizer).

My best gold gift balloons came from the same character, Avery. Here's what he gave me:

Gold gift balloon 1:

  • 5 Pale Chub.

  • 7 Paper.

  • 1 Rustic Essence.

  • 1 River Throw Net.

Gold gift balloon 2:

  • 5 Pale Chub.

  • 5 Tiger Butterfly.

  • 7 Paper.

  • 1 Fertilizer.

 What did you receive in your favorite gold gift balloon(s)?

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