Those transfers blows hard.

The fifth season of Arrested Development went live on Netflix's streaming service at midnight PDT today. I had planned to watch two episodes on the big screen, but a delay reduced that to one.

Because I'm a dingbat, I couldn't access the PlayStation Store to download the Netflix app on my new PS4, because I forgot to update that console before midnight. I turned off my PS4 about 20 minutes later because Sony estimated it would take about 40 more minutes to download and install the update, because their network was slow.

Luckily, my PS3 didn't need to be updated. I just needed to update the Netflix app, which only took about a minute.

The irony is the one and only episode that I watched this morning is the worst in that series history. The backstory for the season 4 finale is a nice touch, but the recaps accounts for too much of the episode.

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