got slots casino upgrade to emerald 

I was treated to a surprise after I made a few spins in Game of Thrones Slots Casino on New Year's Day. I wasn't keeping track of my VIP Points, so my upgrade to Emerald status was a nice surprise. My new status includes the following perks:

  • +50% extra coins on purchases.

  • +10% extra daily coins bonus.

  • 20 daily coin gift limit.

It takes 2,000 VIP Points to earn an upgrade to Emerald. I didn't write down my level after I earned that upgrade... but a day later I'm 178. I've never made a purchase in that casino.

I need to earn 8,000 VIP Points to earn an upgrade to Gold status. It's going to take me a long time to reach that goal considering I only receive 20 VIP Points whenever I reach a new level.

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