Bursting With Coins!

I had reached a personal record of $50 billion coins in Caesars Casino at the beginning of this month, and I didn't expect to report a new milestone soon after!

I now have over $80 billion coins in that casino! Here's a look at my top three largest wins since my last last milestone:

Machine: Savage Beauty

Bet: $190,000,000 (Max Bet).

Free spins win: $4,188,000,000 (22x of bet).

caesars casino savage beauty all mirrors 4750000000 win

Machine: 7 Shining Pandas.

Bet: $120,000,000.

Free spins win: $7,776,000,000 (64.8x of bet).

caesars casino 7 shining pandas 4 reels of envelopes 7776000000 win

Machine: Clover Isle.

Bet: $240,000,000 (Max Bet).

Win: $6,760,000,000 (28.2x of bet).

caesars casino clover isle rainbow burst free spins 11091250000 win

Those wins were a part of my high bet weekend; during which, Caesars Casino is the only casino where I turned a profit while making a high bet.

As a comparison: I broke even in Winning Slots; and I experenced a massive loss in Cash Frenzy Casino and Infinity Slots.

Disclaimer: As of this writing I'm not affiliated or sponsored by Caesars Casino, Cash Frenzy Casino, Infinity Slots and Winning Slots. My estimated experience does not represent what you may experience in this games.

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