You can thank me for Kansas City winning the big game!

I've saved over $24 million in Big Fish Casino due to being inactive in that casino for the entire month of January 2020.

To celebrate the big football game on Sunday, they offered a Special Edition Avatar Frame and a Large Chest to everyone who spins 100 times with a minimum bet of $25,000 in either Big Greek Fortune (to support Kansas City), or Wild Flame (to support San Francisco).

big fish casino big game 2020 1

Since I didn't have much luck in Wild Flame in the past, I made 100 spins in Big Greek Fortune. I must have made the right choice because I earned a profit of $1 million coins by my 100th spin.

big fish casino big game 2020 2

I'll be inactive in this casino again until they offer a similar promotion or drastically increase Chest drops.

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