You know when happened next.

I won a Major Jackpot of $352 million while I was playing the Direwolves machine in Game of Thrones Slots Casino!

game of thrones slots casino direwolves major jackpot 352 million

This is the first time I've won a group jackpot in this casino. This is also the first time I've reached $2.2 billion coins.

Unfortunately, the fun has come to an end because my coins has been reduced to $500 million due to an unnatural house edge (low paying bonus rounds that's few and far between, etc.).

Since I lost approximately $1.7 billion coins, I'm going to take 1.7 billion microseconds off from this casino, which converts to approximately 28 days.

Replacing Game of Thrones Slots Casino is Infinity Slots. I choose that casino because they have to fresh events running.

Disclaimer: As of this writing I'm not affiliated or sponsored by Game of Thrones Slots Casino and Infinity Slots. My estimated experience does not represent what you may experience in this game.

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