Don't ignore this warning sign!new nintendo 3ds majoras mask 01

The COVID-19 pandemic has motivated me to get back into Nintendo 3DS gaming, because there's not enough original AAA games for the Nintendo Switch.

I'm also nostalgic for stereoscopic 3D effects, which is a feature the Switch lacks.

The last full game that I'd played for the 3DS was Metroid: Samus Returns back in 2017; since then, I had only sporadically played a few titles to test my battery packs.

My recent excessive use seems to have stressed the battery pack in my New Nintendo 3DS XL which I've owned since 2015, because it goes dead a few minutes after it reaches two bars.

This is a warning sign the safeguards within my battery pack has failed; upon opening my unit, I found that my battery pack is slightly bulging.

Interestingly, the battery packs in my 3DS and 3DS XL which I've owned since 2011 and 2012 respectively is not bulging and works flawlessly.

Image credit: Nintendo.

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