After losing big time over and over and over again in Big Fish Casino, I've decided to quit playing in this casino indefinitely if I don't make a small profit of 10 percent.

I put over $100 million chips that took me months to save up on the line in their latest machine, "PAC-MAN 40th Anniversary Edition: Jackpot Stacks."

It didn't take long for me to become broke. I didn't even score a single bonus round, free spins or jackpot while I was making a bet of $1 million or more!

To put things into perspective, $36.5 million coins currently costs my status $99.99.

It was at that point I immediately left the club that I was a member of, and deleted the app my my tablet.

Unfortunately, the club that I was a member of was demoted because I donated a lot of coins, but that's better than having an inactive member.

Disclaimer: As of this writing I'm not affiliated or sponsored by Big Fish Casino. My estimated experience does not represent what you may experience in this game.

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