This is the third time I've ever won this symbol.

winning slots easy street diamond 1500 billion

I won the most valuable symbol in Winning's Slots Easy Street machine while I was making a $10 billion bet; in this machine there are no paylines, you win what you spin based on the icons. The pay table for my particular bet are as follows:

  • Perfume bottle: $1 billion.

  • Bag: $5 billion.

  • High heels: $10 billion.

  • Ring: $25 billion.

  • Gold nuggets: $50 billion.

  • Vehicle: $250 billion.

  • Yacht: $400 billion.

  • Diamond: 1,500+ billion.

Let's see how long it'll take for me to win a diamond with a higher bet.

Disclaimer: As of this writing I'm not affiliated or sponsored by Winning Slots. My estimated experience does not represent what you may experience in this game.