Find out why you might not want to wait until this happens.animal crossing pocket camp lost lure creek perfect apple

Apple revealed iOS 16 will support iPhones with A11 Bionic chips or newer. This is the first time since iOS 13 that Apple dropped support for an iPhone. This is big news for me because I still use my iPhone SE (1st generation) with an A11 Bionic chip for a lot of apps such as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Since my phone will no longer receive security updates, when can I expect to fully retire this phone?

Let's take a look my favorite apps version requirements as of this writing to find out if users like myself will be shunned from using the app on the iPhone SE (1st generation) anytime soon:

Versions Requirements
(as of this writing)
Versions Supported
(as of this writing)
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp iOS 11.0 or later 5
Cash Frenzy Casino iOS 10.0 or later 6
Disney+ iOS 14.0 or later 2
Game of Thrones Slots Casino iOS 11.0 or later 5
Hulu iOS 13.0 or later 3
Netflix iOS 14.0 or later 2
Peacock iOS 13.0 or later 3
Vudu iOS 14.0 or later 2
YouTube iOS 12.0 or later 4

Wow! Props to SpinX Games Limited for supporting six versions of iOS for their Cash Frenzy Casino app! This is app is incredibly smooth on my old phone.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Game of Thrones Slots Casino are also supporting an impressive amount of versions (five).

Disney+ and Netflix are absolutly brutal. They're only supporting two generations of iOS. My phone could potentially be on its last leg with these two apps after iOS 16 is released. These apps are brutal for a reason.

"Using an old iPhone could put you at risk of devastating hack attacks." The Sun reported. "Hacks could include spying on you or stealing your private information."[1]

For these reasons, it might be best to retire my iPhone SE as soon as it's no longer supported by Apple.


  1. Harry Pettit. "APPLE CRUMBLE Which iPhones are ‘obsolete’ and ‘dangerous’ in 2020?" January 27, 2020. Retrieved July 12, 2022.