While managing to improve my win percentage.pokemon omega ruby 02

I won my 1,000th battle in Pokémon Omega Ruby today, with a win count of 869! This brings my win percentage to approximately 87 percent, which is a 1 percent improvement since my December 8, 2015 update. Since then I played a mere 299 Free Battles.

From this point on I'm planning on training an all Ice-type team, which is something I've never done before. Pokémon in that team would include:

  • Abomasnow (Snow Warning).

  • Articuno (Snow Cloak).

  • Cloyster (Skill Link).

  • Kyurem (Teravolt).

  • Mamoswine (Snow Cloak).

  • Weavile (Pickpocket).

With Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon releasing in as little as 6 months, I doubt that I will participate in another 1,000 battles... but it's going to be fun to try out a completely different strategy for a chance.

Image credit: Nintendo

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