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The Angry Grandpa Show (officially listed as "TheAngryGrandpaShow") is my favorite YouTube channel that centers around Charles Green Jr. ( a.k.a. "Angry Grandpa") who raises Hell.

Michael Green (a.k.a "Pickleboy") is owner of that series. His uploads to that channel has diminished over the past year due to his father's (Angry Grandpa) personal issues.

Pickleboy also has his own YouTube channel called "KidBehindACamera," where he uploads videos that centers around him.

I'm sad to report The Angry Grandpa Show has jumped the shark. Not because of the Angry Grandpa's personal issues, but because Pickleboy has uploaded a video to that channel that has nothing to do with the Angry Grandpa!

That video, titled "FRIDAY THE 13TH PRANK! (JASON BREAKS IN)," features Pickleboy getting pranked by his girlfriend (Bridgette West) and her father (Doug West).

An "Angry Grandpa" video that doesn't feature the "Angry Grandpa" is not an "Angry Grandpa" video!

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