Topps? Upper Deck? Panini?

Vince McMahon announced today his plans to revive the XFL American football league in the beginning of 2020.

The XFL played its first and only season in 2001. The revived league will be owned by Alpha Entertainment. McMahon owns 100 percent of that company and will have complete creative control.

Back in 2001, Topps produced two XFL trading card sets. Considering Topps lost their NFL license, the XFL would give them an opportunity to produce football trading cards.

I'm expecting Upper Deck to aggressively negotiate with Alpha Entertainment so that they could give their digital trading card store (e-pack) a boost.

I doubt Panini would want to produce XFL trading cards, because they have an exclusive contract to produce NFL trading cards.

Question: Which company would you like to see produce XFL trading cards?

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