Surely they can't be that rare.

The Grossery Gang Season 1 was released in the middle of June 2016, and I've yet to see a serial numbered Limited Edition figure from that series for sale on eBay. That subset consists of the following figures with a Metallic Finish:

  • 1-145 Bad Beef Can (serial numbered to 10,000).

  • 1-146 Slimy Sardines (serial numbered to 5,000).

  • 1-147 Cruddy Cat Food (serial numbered to 1,000).

  • 1-148 Sloppy Soup Tin (serial numbered to 500).

  • 1-149 Tinned Slimeapple (serial numbered to 250).

  • 1-150 Faked Beanz (serial numbered to 100).

I find it odd that not one of those figures was listed for sale on eBay; as a comparison, serial numbered Shopkins was listed for sale on launch day...

Question: Did you pull a Limited Edition figure from The Grossery Gang? If so, what's its production amount, and are you planning on selling it?

November 2, 2016 update: Six of those figures sold from August 14, 2016 to November 1, 2016, as covered in my "Limited Edition Grossery Gang Sales Report."

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