Fails to comprehend why that system is widely disliked.

A video game website director has flipped out because his competitor ranked the Nintendo Wii U as the second worst Nintendo system of all-time. Stating it should at least be ranked above the Wii and GameCube.

The Wii U is a mediocre system for its generation (one of the contributing factors when ranking systems). It was so poorly designed and managed, Nintendo was forced to replace it with the Switch -- in the same generation.

After one of his fans stated the Wii U is the only Nintendo system they regret purchasing, the unprofessional director called that person "crazy."

I too would have felt regret if I had purchased the Wii U at launch for $350. The wait for AAA titles was too few and far between. I would have felt even more regret if I had purchased the Wii U just before the Switch was announced.

Due to the high volume of Wii U to Switch ports, the latter made the former almost completely obsolete -- in the same generation. That has never happened in Nintendo's history...

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