Here's why.

I've canceled my pre-order for the upcoming Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch due to recent information about that game.

Nintendo revealed today the game will not support online gaming with people in your friends list, claiming that mode will compromise the global leaderboards.

All that they needed to do was create a casual mode for online gaming with people in your friends list that has nothing to do with the global leaderboards.

To make matters worse, the game will not support amiibo's. That's very surprising considering the first game supported amiibo's. Hell you can use most amiibo's in Dark Souls Remastered.

It gets worse. Nintendo has no plans to offer the Super Mario Maker 2 stylus as a pre-order incentive in the North American market; as a comparison, they're offering that stylus for free in Japan and Europe.

Two of those issues could be fixed in a future update, but the bottom line is they're basic functions that should be available on release day.