If you've spent a lot of time stockpiling these creatures.animal cossing pocket camp 01

Nintendo released today version 2.5.2 for their mobile Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game. The highlight for that update is seventeen new creatures that you can catch, as listed below:

Saltwater Shores:

  • Octopus.

  • Pacific Saury.

  •  Puffer fish.

  • Sweet shrimp.

  • Atlantic mackerel.

  • Achilles surgeonfish.

  • Coelacanth.

  • Whale shark.

  • Oyster shell.

Lost Lure Creek:

  • Freshwater goby.

  • Bluegill.

  • Catfish.

  • Salmon.

  • Gar.

Sunburst Island:

  • Common butterfly.

  • Horned atlas.

  • Raja B. butterfly.

  • Saw stag.

The catch is they've also removed the following nineteen creatures:

Saltwater Shores:

  • Squid.

  • Olive flounder.

  • Blowfish.

  • Sea horse.

  • Barred knifejaw.

  • Clown fish.

  • Surgeonfish.

  • Napoleonfish.

  • Football fish.

  • Conch shell.

Lost Lure Creek:

  • Pale chub.

  • Yellow perch

  • Neon tetra

  • King salmon

Sunburst Island:

  • Monarch butterfly.

  • Fruit beetle.

  • Cyclommatus stag.

  • Agrias butterfly.

  • Jewel beetle.

This is a terrible update for users like myself who spent a lot of time stockpiling common creatures. I now have 413 common creatures that's pretty much useless because visitors will no longer request them.

I just visited all three of those sites and it took me 2 minutes and 54 seconds to catch 14 creatures, for an average catch time of 13 seconds per creature; in other words, I wasted approximately 90 minutes catching creatures that are now useless.