Does Gardevoir have a 100 percent female gender ratio?gardevoir-01

Gardevoir, the final form of Ralts, is a Psychic/Fairy type Pokemon which has a gender ratio of 50 percent male, and 50 percent female; despite those even odds, I've never played against a male Gardevoir in the over 3,000 battles that I've played in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

The most obvious reasons for the lack of male Gardevoir's is the fact that Pokemon looks like a female, and males of its previous form, Kirlia, can evolve into a Gallade if it's exposed to a Dawn Stone

Still, I don't understand why every Trainer that I've battled against who used a Gardevoir felt like that Pokemon shouldn't be a male?

After searching "male Gardevoir" in Google, I found out that a lot of Trainers expressed that Pokemon should have had a 100 percent female gender ratio to begin with. That sounds like a stereotypical excuse to not use a male Gardevoir...

Question: Should Gardevoir have been a female-only Pokemon?

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