Or will Nintendo support that console with exclusive games until 2017?new-nintendo-3ds-01

The New Nintendo 3DS is an upcoming handheld video game console that will be released in Japan first on October 11, 2014.

The increased CPU performance in the New Nintendo 3DS is the only major difference between that console and the standard Nintendo 3DS.

This new console comes as Nintendo's financial difficulties have worsened, leading some fans to wonder if the New Nintendo 3DS is merely a "stopgap" console.

I would personally feel like the New Nintendo 3DS isn't a stopgap console if Nintendo and their third party partners supports that console for at least 3 years with dozens of exclusive AAA titles, that's not compatible with the original Nintendo 3DS.

As of this writing the only announced title that requires the New Nintendo 3DS is Xenoblade Chronicles, which is a port of a Nintendo Wii title.

Question: Is the New Nintendo 3DS a "stopgap" console?

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