Even in the harshest of winter Ingrid Michaelson makes me feel so warm.ingrid-michaelson-lights-out-01

Ingrid Michaelson released her fifth album on April 14, 2014, titled "Lights Out." Here's the track list for that album:

  1. Home
  2. Girls Chase Boys     
  3. Wonderful Unknown (feat. Greg Laswell)     
  4. You Got Me (feat. Storyman)     
  5. Warpath     
  6. Handsome Hands     
  7. Time Machine     
  8. One Night Town (feat. Mat Kearney)     
  9. Open Hands (feat. Trent Dabbs)     
  10. Ready to Lose (feat. Trent Dabbs)     
  11. Stick     
  12. Afterlife     
  13. Over You (feat. A Great Big World)     
  14. Everyone Is Gonna Love Me Now     

"Girls Chase Boys" is currently the most popular song on Amazon.com, iTunes, and Rhapsody; meanwhile "One Night Town" is the most popular song on Myspace.

My opinion is definitely in the minority... because I like "Home" the best, because that song is relaxing to listen to, and features Michaelson's best vocal performance on that album.

Question: What is your favorite song on Ingrid Michaelson's "Lights Out" album?