Warning: There are major spoilers for 24: Live Another Day in this editorial.


The 24: Live Another Day mini TV series ended yesterday and it just occurred to me that Chloe O'Brian may have been working with the Russians to capture Jack.

That fact that the Russians knew exactly where Chloe was hiding when she was helping Jack to hunt down Cheng Zhi on a ship is very suspicious! Here's why:

  • When Chloe escaped from Cheng and gained access to a phone, she had an opportunity to provide her location to the Russians.

  • When Chloe was helping Jack to hunt down Cheng on a ship, the Chinese cut her wireless communications with Jack for a few minutes, allowing her to provide the Russians with her exact location via a wired communication.

  • The Russians didn't kill Chloe after Jack exchanged himself for her freedom. Why let the one person who would risk her life to free Jack live?

Being a fan of Chloe -- I'm hoping that my suspicions are proven to be false in the future!

Meanwhile, some fans suspects that Belcheck provided Chloe's location to the Russians -- but keep in mind that he had many opportunities throughout the season to capture Jack himself without much effort.

Image credit: Chris Raphael, Fox