General NFL fans: "Yes."

DirectTV are offering this years NFL Sunday Ticket to qualifying people who doesn't subscribe to their satellite service. Here's a quick rundown of those packages:


Cost Compatible Devices
Digital $199.99 Select computers, tablets, phones
Console $239.99 PS3, PS4, Xbox One
Max $329.99 Select computers, tablets, phones; PS3, PS4, Xbox One

Because the PS3 is the most popular device to stream on demand videos from Netflix, I'm going to assume that a majority of the people who subscribes to NFL Sunday Ticket will choose the "Console" plan, which I will use to calculate the value of that service throughout this editorial.

NFL revealed that 219 of their games will take place on Sunday, allowing NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers to stream all of those games pending local games that are blacked out due to a lack of ticket sales.

Hardcore NFL fans who's planning on streaming all 219 games via NFL Sunday Ticket would ultimately pay approximately $1.10 to watch each game.

General fans who's only planing on streaming their favorite teams 12-13 Sunday games would ultimately pay approximately $18.46-$20 to watch each game.

Fans like myself who's planning on streaming 3 games per week would ultimately pay approximately $4.71 to watch each game.

DirectTV's NFL Sunday Ticket service offers great value -- if you're planning on streaming a few games per week. I can't say the same for general fans who's only planning on streaming 12-13 games this season, because a cost of approximately $18.46-$20 per game is poor value.

Hopefully DirectTV will offer a plan to stream one teams worth of 12-13 Sunday games for a price of $99.99 in the future, which would offer general fans a decent value of approximately $7.69-$8.33 per game.

Question: How many games are you planning on streaming via NFL Sunday Ticket in the 2014 season?