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I'm watching the Frasier television series for the first time via Netflix, and I'm confused as to why the main character, Frasier Crane, doesn't have a washer and dryer in his high-class apartment, which is located in the Elliott Bay Towers?

A quick search revealed that Frasier had his washer and dryer removed to make room for his hat collection.

I find it a bid odd that a person with a high IQ would opt to have their clothes washed in a public washing machine where bacteria thrives.

It was estimated the average pair of underwear contains about a tenth of a gram of fecal matter, which can carry a number of germs including hepatitis A virus, norovirus, rotavirus, salmonella and E. coli that can be transmitted to the next load of laundry.[1]

Question: Would you prefer a hat room over a personal washer and dryer?


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