Question: Does the animals in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp request the following ultra rare fish and insects?animal cossing pocket camp 01

Fish (value in bells):

  • Blowfish (1,500).

  • Football fish (3,000).

  • Koi (4,000).

  • Rainbow trout (1,500).

  • Tuna (5,000).

Insects (value in bells):

  • Emperor butterfly (3,000).

  • Jewel beetle (2,500).

  • Miyama stag (1,500).

Answer (as of Version 1.1.4): No. Animals up to level 20 doesn't request ultra rare fish or insects.

Tips: The spawn rate for ultra rare fish and insects will drop if you stockpile them in your inventory. I suggest only keeping one of each those items just in case a future update allows the animals to request those items.

Image credit: Nintendo.