Topps expands their base Chrome parallels.

If you're looking to purchase a pack of 2016 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball online and you can't find the odds for that product -- you've come to the right place. Listed below are the odds for that product:


  • Base Chrome Parallels:

    • Refractor: 1:12 (serial numbered to 250).

    • X-Fractor: 1:29 (serial numbered to 99).

    • Gold Refractor: 1:56 (serial numbered to 50).

    • Super Refractor: 1:2,838 (serial numbered to 1).

  • All-Star Stitches Chrome Relic: 1:32.

  • All-Star Stitches Chrome Autograph Relic: 1:549 (serial numbered to 25).

  • 3,000 Club Insert: 1:2.

Image of Odds

2016 topps chrome update series baseball odds


  • New to this years set are Refractor's, X-Fractor's and Super Refractor's.

  • Gone from last years set are Black Refractor's that was serial numbered to 99.

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