The Grossery Gang vs. Clean Team.

I purchased one The Grossery Gang Series 3 Surprise Pack Trash Can for $2.90. That product includes two mystery figures.

the grossery gang series 3 surprise pack trash can

The highlight of this series is Shiny Clean Team figures that's threatening everything grimy, gooey and gross.

Common Figure

  • 3-021 Scabby Crab

the grossery gang series 3 common 3 021 scabby crab

It's cool of Moose Toys to introduce crustaceans (and vermins) to their lineup. What species would you like to see next?

Ultra Rare Figure (Shiny)

  • 3-126 Filth Buster

the grossery gang series 3 ultra rare 3 126 filth buster

Nice! What a fantastic way to kick start my Series 3 collection!

I look forward to opening more products from that series. Mainly because it has some pretty cool looking Common figures (Pukey Pumpkin Pie, Scabby Meal, Ouch Couch, etc.), which is a nice change from their usual lineup.