The start of my milk cap exhibition.

Milk caps was a popular game among children during the mid 1990s. The game quickly died down because it was classified as gambling, because many children would keep the milk caps they won from other players. This lead to arguments and fights...

I randomly selected an Electronics Boutique milk cap to kick start my exhibition. That franchise was founded in 1977 (41 years ago as of this writing), during which they mainly sold calculators and digital watches.

In the mid-1990s, the company's focus switched to TV-based video games. They was renamed "EB games" in May 2000, and five years later they merged with GameStop in a $1.44 billion takeover deal.


Year released: Unknown.

Franchise: Electronics Boutique.

Attributes: Red cracked ice holo.

Condition: Execellent (5).


electronics boutique red cracked ice milk cap

I remember some guy handing out those milk caps like candy. Do you remember if they gave away different colored milk caps?